Protect Our Environment

The problem with basic and outdated combustion-based processes for municipal solid waste is that it emits harmful pollutants into the air, land and water.  

Aurutris is Unique

Our sustainable Waste to Energy™ process is environmentally safe for any city in the world. We produce minimal byproducts for beneficial use, and near Zero Emissions throughout the entire Waste to Energy™ process.  

Hydrothermal Treatment

The W2P© System is a hydro-thermal process. The carbonic allotments will be utilized to pulverized fuel at low temperature.  Other residues are separated.  

Process Overview

Aurutris is the first company to prototype a commercially scalable Waste to Energy™ facility with ground breaking and patented technology. We use a process called, Hydrothermal Decomposition to produce an Engineered Pulverized Fuel (EPF).  

Aurutris is a leader in delivering the world’s first sustainable Waste-to-Energy™ systems for industry and community. We convert municipal solid waste into a clean burning fuel that produces near Zero Emissions.