Sewage Sludge / W2P© (Waste to Pulverized Fuel)

The system allows to rehash sewage sludge efficiently and usefully to solid fuel. By use of steam and pressure the sludge will be converted to pulverized fuel. Reusable material (e.g. metal, glas, rubber) will be cleaned and separated

We recommend this application for installation in sewage plants (commutation on site) for own energy utilization or supply of clacinating furnaces (cement industry) , power plants etc.

Batch process for commutation of sewage sludge to combustible fuel (equivalent to coal).

The W2P© system is a Hydro-Thermal Process. The allotments of carbon inside the input material are converted to coal equivalent powder at low temperature. Powder and reusable material are separated sequentially.

- Rehash and Drying
- NO Harmful Chemicals as NOx, Dioxine, Furane
- Output Material is sterile !
- Reduction of Volume and Weight
- Product can be used as fuel in a burner system for powder
- Cleaned Remnants (e.g. Metal, Glas, Rubber) can be recycled additionally