Industry Solutions

One of industry’s biggest challenges is finding a way to meet national and global energy needs while minimizing impact on the environment. Aurutris has developed Waste to Energy™ systems that can help meet those challenges by providing a scalable technology, Hydrothermal Decomposition, that converts manufacturing operations solid waste (MOSW) into a valuable alternative energy source, our engineered pulverized fuel (EPF), and ultimately can produce clean electrical energy.

Many manufacturers are facing the need for expanded waste processing, both to handle capacity and to deal with rising costs. The opportunities to benefit from Aurutris  Waste to Energy™ systems to Fuel plants are considerable. We have strong return on investment models that support food processors and a variety of manufacturing processes. Our complete plants are compact and could fit into your plant environment easily. We typically propose capacities to process from between 200 tons to as much as several thousand tons per day of Manufacturer Output Solid Waste (MOSW). Our long-term arrangements fit manufacturers well with a strong return on investment, reduced cash flow and near Zero Emissions.

Local communities often resist expansion and changes to local manufacturing facilities. Residents typically view these corporate industrial facilities as potential sources of health risk and hazard to the community. Industrial partners that deploy the Aurutris systems will have the community showcase for safe, near Zero Emissions Waste to Energy™ technology. You will lead the way in your local community as an environmental leader. You will process your industrial waste more efficiently, more cleanly and in a more sustainable way than the local community waste management facility.

Aurutris can integrate our Waste to Energy™ systems into your existing waste processing operations in as little as six to nine months. We can deliver a complete Waste to Energy™ plant into operation in as little as 18 months. We’ll work together to obtain necessary permits and licenses and move rapidly to bring the waste processing capacity you need online as fast as possible. Thousands of major manufacturers can benefit from our technology.